Miniature Slip Ring Applied on Stabilizer

With the steady development of the stabilizer industry, miniature slip ring are become more and more popular on this industry ! JINPAT Electronic develop the miniature slip ring with small outer diameter (5.5~8mm). The internal structure is  compact & the volume is smaller than the capsule slip ring,  which is suitable for very tight installation space.

  •  2-12  circuits, with 2A maxcurrent

  •  Low torque & Long lifetime

  •  Low electronic noise

  •  Gold plating surface treatment process

The miniature slip ring is mainly apply to transmit weak control signals of small and medium-sized systems, such as video, control, power supply, Ethernet and other signals. With low torque, low loss and maintenance-free, low electrical noise. This miniature slip ring can also be applied security surveillance, photography, robots, test instruments, turntables and automation equipment.

Miniature Slip Ring

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