JINPAT Slip Rings, Your Best Choice for Medical Equipment

JINPAT Electronics is an established slip ring company. JINPAT has provided numerous successful rotary transmission solutions to different kind of industries. Our slip ring products have won the heart of our clients for their exquisite design and impeccable quality.

In this article, we are going to explore some JINPAT slip rings specially designed for medical equipment and medical devices. There are basically three major slip ring types for medical equipment: JINPAT super miniature slip ring LPMS series, JINPAT through hole slip ring LPT series and JINPAT pancake slip ring LPK series. JINPAT medical equipment slip rings are based on these three series. And from most of our cases with the clients in the medical industry, custom solutions are favored.

super miniature slip ring

To begin with, JINPAT super miniature slip rings tend to be applied in small size medical equipment like shadow less lamps, gastroscopic devices and other medical endoscopic devices. These kinds of medical equipment demand rotary transmission of signals and power where slip rings commit to fulfilling. JINPAT produces high precision miniature slip rings that fit in the limited installation space. With high-tech design and first-class processing technique, JINPAT slip rings excel in providing reliable power and signal transmission while allowing 360-degree rotation. To enable optical signals transmission, especially on the gastroscopic devices where visual signal transmission is vital, JINPAT miniature slip rings are integrated with fiber optic rotary joints.

optic slip ringthrough hole slip ring

JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring       JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

As for JINPAT through hole slip rings and pancake slip rings, they are mostly applied in the medium size or large size equipment like CT scanners. The through-hole design matches the CT scanner structures. And having a relatively large volume, JINPAT through hole slip rings and pancake slip rings can answer the demand of large current transmission. They function to allow scanner to rotates in a smooth and constant way, while guaranteeing a reliable and accurate data transmit. Adopting gold contacts, JINPAT slip rings rotate with less frictions and therefore achieve smoother rotation as well as longer service life. From design to production, JINPAT slip rings go through a series of strict inspections. JINPAT spares no effort in bring the best slip ring product to the customers.

super miniature slip ring

JINPAT Through Hole Slip Ring

Aside from standard slip rings, JINPAT is also experienced in providing hybrid slip rings, integrated slip rings and personalized custom solutions. Feel free to contact JINPAT for more information of the slip ring products. You can also consult with our technology team to work out the best slip ring solution for your application! 

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