JINPAT Slip Ring Applied in New Rotating Video Screen

Recently there comes out a new rotating video screen, transmit data for LCD monitor, which is for advertisement purposes.

JINPAT slip rings have well applied in the rotating video screen to transmit data, power for monitor. Here share two successful cases for customers.

Case 1: JINPAT Slip Ring Model LPT092-0425-1601-02E3

1) Inner diameter of 92mm   

2) Can transmit 2 groups *1000M Ethernet

3) Can transmit 16 circuits *1A current, and  4 circuits*25 A

4) RPM( Rotations per minute)    

    Working speed: 20 RPM

    Max working speed: 40 RPM 

    Continues working: 50 mins per day


Case 1: Jinpat Slip Ring Model LPT012-0220-02E3

1)  Can transmit 2 groups *1000M Ethernet

 2) Can transmit 2 circuits *20A current

Slip Ring

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