Jinpat Patent: Ship Propeller Slip Ring

The ship's propulsion system, in which the fixed-pitch propeller is installed on a steerable pod ("pod"), and the pod is also equipped with an electric motor to drive the propeller. The power of the propulsion motor is transmitted through the slip ring, which makes the sliding device rotate 360 degrees around the vertical axis. In addition to ships, these propulsion systems are also used on offshore oil rigs that are not fixed on the seabed.

 propellor slip ring

 Jinpat Electronics Co., Ltd., patent number CN201320104456.3 special ship propeller slip ring, is a utility model that discloses a conductive slip ring for ship power propulsion system. The product includes a shell, a main shaft, and a conductive ring and a signal ring are provided on the main shaft. The brush assembly and carbon brush assembly matched with the signal ring. A pair of conductive copper rings are sleeved on the conductive ring along the axis of the main shaft, and an insulating sheet is arranged between each two conductive copper rings. The carbon brush assembly includes a fixing frame and a fixing frame arranged on the same side of the fixing frame. Two supporting rods are rotatably connected, a copper graphite block is fixed at the other end of the supporting rod, and a spring is connected between the two supporting rods and the fixing frame.


The Jinpat propeller slip ring has a high maximum safe current carrying capacity, which can meet the power supply requirements of high-power ship propulsion. It has stable performance, long life, easy maintenance, and fully meets the special requirements of different application fields such as high protection level, high and low temperature resistance ( -55℃+120℃), anti-salt spray, anti-vibration, anti-shock, high-voltage resistance, low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, extremely low signal transmission loss, etc. It has the characteristics of high reliability and long life. The current can reach 1000A or more and the signal part can be selected. The high voltage can reach 10000V or more. The aperture size can be selected according to customer needs, up to 1000 mm or more. Multi-channel, up to 500 channels. Seawater-resistant material, high sealing, up to IP68.

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