Jinpat Optoelectronics Integrated Slip Ring--Application in Medical Measuring Instruments

The photoelectric integrated slip ring is mainly used to improve the mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to the optical fiber due to the rotation of the movable joint. The optical fiber slip ring can be used in conjunction with the traditional electronic bus ring to make a photoelectric hybrid bus ring to transmit power and high-speed data. Single-mode optical fiber slip ring transmission wavelength is mostly 1310-1550nm, core diameter is small (9um), low loss, can transmit 100GBit/s data. Long-distance transmission can reach up to 120 kilometers. Multi-mode optical fiber slip ring transmission wavelength is 850-1310nm. The core diameter is mostly 50um or 62.5nm, loss is relatively higher than the single-mode slip ring. It can also transmit 1GBit/s data in 300 meters.


The R&D team of JINPAT slip ring successfully developed an integrated optical electric medical equipment slip ring, which is used in medical measuring instrument. The product shell is made of SUS304 material. The optical fiber wavelength is 1200~1400 nm, and the insertion loss is less than 2dB. Insertion loss variation is less than 0.5 Db. Return loss is greater than or equal to 40 dB, optical power is 23 Dbm, working speed is 3000 rpm~6000 rpm. Low torque, using FC / APC plug and SC / APC socket, 2 channels for power signal, and 1 channel for optical fiber signal. The product uses precision-machined parts and components. It can fit into the customer's equipment to meet the requirements of high-end medical equipment for signal and power transmission with short delay time, low error rate and low loss. Successfully used in medical measuring instruments.


JINPAT provides slip ring models with different numbers of channels. The number of channels can be customized up to channels, integrating multiple single-mode/multi-mode channels at the same time. The transmission wavelength range is 850-1550nm, the insertion loss is <5dB, the insertion loss change value is <2dB, and the transmission performance is stable. Feel free to consult with our technology team!

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