How to Use JINPAT Slip Rings in Wind Turbines

The slip ring is mounted over the insulated shaft by using the connections of electrical from wind turbine. The entire structure usually creates a conductive ring that mainly rotates free. The whole structure is being designed in such a way that the power and electrical signals get easily transmitted from a stationary to rotating structure.


Brushes are said to be the integral part of Jinpat slip ring that forms contacts with Jinpat slip ring. These brushes are usually fixed in a place where often the batteries are connected and hence tend to remain always in touch with the Jinpat slip ring to form a constant contact with it. When Jinpat slip ring rotates, it rubs against the slip ring creating electrical signals to develop. 

As we have mentioned you earlier that the brushes continuously rub against the slip ring and hence usually wear down and become clogged with debris. That is why we need to provide service and to maintain them properly for the proper functioning of our wind turbine. To make your project more cost-effective choosing a slip ring with less maintenance and high-quality slip ring is usually preferred. Moreover, roller bearings are generally added up along with the entire setup to reduce the friction over there.

Slip Rings

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