Application of JINPAT Slip Ring in Single Crystal Furnace Industry

Single crystal furnace is a device that uses a graphite heater to melt polycrystalline materials such as polysilicon in an inert gas (mainly nitrogen and helium) environment, and uses a straight-draw method to grow a single crystal without dislocation. The conductive slip ring is a main component of the rotary joint of the single crystal furnace.


The conductive slip ring for the single crystal furnace developed by JINPAT Electronics has the following advantages:


★ Specially designed for single crystal furnace equipment, ultra-low wear, no maintenance required.

★ The precious metal fiber brush technology is adopted, and the precious metal contact guarantees a long working life.

★ Compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth and reliable operation.

★ Low torque, low noise and high performance.

★ 360 ° smooth and unlimited rotation fully meets the current, signal and data transmission.

★ Complete product series, customized products according to customer needs, high-end quality, excellent service

Recommended products: LPT065-0902; LPT065-0460 series

Slip Ring

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