Application of Fiber Optic Slip Ring in Medical Equipment

 In recent years, with the tremendous development of optical fiber communication technology, optical fiber transmission signals have also developed rapidly and are used in more and more occasions. Optical fiber has a high transmission rate and strong anti-interference ability of optical fiber transmission data; The advantages make it widely used in the fields of people's livelihood medical, defense military, industrial control and other fields.


In the medical field, it is often necessary to continuously transfer data from a rotating platform to another stationary platform, and the electric slip ring plays this role. Generally speaking, an electric slip ring is in contact with a copper ring through a brush, and transmits related signals and energy through electric current. With the increasing bandwidth and types of signals, electric slip rings can no longer meet the needs of signal transmission. In more and more occasions, optical fiber slip rings have been used instead of electric slip rings to transmit signals. JINPAT optical fiber slip ring provides foreign medical equipment with signal transmission from 6G SDI to 12G SDI. Long-distance transmission and no signal dropout, the slip rings have been received by customers.


Optical fiber slip ring is also called optical fiber rotary connector, optical fiber confluence ring and optical fiber rotary joint. The fiber slip ring can be divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber according to the fiber mode. The transmission wavelength of single-mode fiber slip ring is mostly 1310-1550nm, the core diameter is small (9um), and the loss is low. It can transmit 100GBit / s data, and the long-distance transmission can reach 120 kilometers; the wavelength of multimode fiber slip ring transmission is 850- At 1310nm, the core diameter is mostly 50um or 62.5nm. Compared with single-mode loss, it can also transmit 1GBit / s data for a distance of 300 meters.


JINPAT provides a variety of optical fiber slip ring channels, which has reached 19 channels; and it can integrate multiple single-mode / multi-mode channels simultaneously. The transmission wavelength is 850-1550nm, the insertion loss is <5dB, and the insertion loss variation is <2dB, and the transmission performance is stable. JINPAT slip ring has its own fiber optic slip ring production line with various styles and unlimited types, which can provide customers with multiple solutions.

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