Introduction of Single Channel RF Integrated Slip Ring

2021-09-16 15:19JINPAT Electronics

As a very important category of slip rings, RF signal slip rings are indispensable in radio and other fields. This kind of slip rings involves relatively few industries, but they also have many names, such as high-frequency slip rings, high-frequency rotary joints, RF rotary joints, highfrequency rotary connectors, etc. As the earliest private slip ring manufacturer in China, Shenzhen JINPAT Electronics has also developed two series of highfrequency slip rings, one is LPCC series, the other is LPHF series. They have different names and slightly different shapes.

JINPAT LPHF is integrated with the electric slip ring in most cases. Such integrated products are mostly used in radar, mobile communication and electronic countermeasure systems. Of course, some civil products, such as some special medical testing equipment, also need LPHF highfrequency slip ring. However, highfrequency slip ring of JINPAT LPCC series has only one channel. Unlike LPHF, which is coated with all aluminum alloy, LPCC series products only add a protective shell outside the friction system of the slip ring.


Due to the simple structure of LPCC series slip ring, its volume is also very small, so it can even be integrated into a micro slip ring with a diameter of less than 20mm. Among the integrated LPCC series slip rings, JINPAT LPC-1C series has to be mentioned, which directly insert the LPCC series slip rings into the via of JINPAT LPC-T, so as to become a brand-new product. Since LPCC series slip rings can use 50 Ω and 75 Ω wires, LPCC-1C series products can transmit both HD video signals and RF signals.

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has developed an integrated LPCC series slip ring product, model LPT000-0310-E3-1C. The product integrates three 10A power rings, one Gigabit Ethernet signal path and one RF signal path. The current path adopts an unusual method that the two ends of the wire are connected with the male and female heads of power lines, the Gigabit Ethernet path uses CAT6 network cable and the RF signal path adopts the LPCC slip ring with 50 Ω impedance wire externally connected with SMA connector. Due to its small volume, the maximum average power value of the highfrequency slip ring is only 5W.