JINPAT Brand culture
JINPAT Electronics entered the slip ring industry in 1996, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of slip rings. The company has a large workshop of more than 12,000 square meters and more than 500 employees. As well as an innovative and experienced R&D team, which consists of engineers who have worked in international famous companies and well-known organizations. Jinpat Electronics is committed to developing and producing slip rings with high standards to optimize system performance and avoid lead breakage due to rotation.
2002 :  1st Self-developed capsule slip ring
2006 :  ISO 9001 Certified. 1st slip ring national patent
2008 :  FCC,CE. Self-developed HF rotary Joint
2009 :  Self-developed FORJ
2010 :  GJB9001 Military Quaality Certified
2012 :  National High-tech Enterprise Award

2013 : BV, SGS Certified
2014 : ISO 14001 Certified
2015 : Self-developed explosion-proof slip ring
2016 : National Confidentiality III Certified
2018 : Reach, RoHS Certified
2019 : UL certified slip ring
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With over 20 years of endeavoring and through ups and downs, JINPAT Electronics has become an elite in the slip ring industry. With solid technology strength
 JINPAT has established itself in the international market and embraces its rapid development.

Application of photoelectric integrated slip ring in laser processing equipment industry

As a special kind of signal slip ring,fiber optic slip ring has been welcomed by many industries because of its many advantages.

Design and Application of Slip Ring in Rotary Canning Machine System

Design and Application of Slip Ring in Rotary Canning Machine SystemOne of the significant advantages of capping machines for automatic, semi-automatic and manual capping equipment is the consisten...

Bottling production equipment slip ring

Bottling production equipment slip ringAs the name suggests, the bottle making machine is the equipment for manufacturing various glass bottles and cans. At present, all kinds of equipment produced...

High current slip ring on sea steel behemoth

High current slip ring on sea steel behemoth High-current slip ring is the main product of JINPAT Electronics. Its English code is LPA, which refers to the carbon brush slip ring with a single-circ...
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